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Be Your Own 365 Hero! – 98 Days Left

So today I am celebrating my accomplishment of maintaining a serious commitment for 365 Days in a Row. I have already stated what that commitment is and have talked at length regarding the struggle.

Now this 365 commitment concept is something I am in pursuit on with multiple improvements in my life and today I am contemplating what to add, remove, modify now that this major milestone is complete.

I am definitely keeping the 5am wake up time. That has had a major impact for many reasons. First, I am more likely to get important things done by being up early. Second, I have seen how consistency in sleep patterns is really helpful.

Running every day is probably just stupid. I need to rest my legs, so I am working in one day of alternative exercise on a rest day. Doing 365 pushups, situps, and squats is getting time consuming! So, I am going to make an adjustment there but I am not sure exactly what yet.

Whatever, I am sure no one cares about my concerns for Day 366. You should care about accomplishing something significant over a consistent period of time. You can be your own hero. Is there something really bugging you? Is there a weakness that you have that you would like to overcome? Is there a challenge that you are faced with that seems overwhelming?

You can be your own hero. You can come to your own rescue. In my opinion it starts with making a commitment to do something on a regular basis for a long period of time. If that commitment is directionally correct, you will be amazed at just how much progress you will make in getting to the cool impossible.

I picked a daily habit and I picked 365 days as my goal. For no reason other than it seemed right and a hard challenge. Now that I have accomplished it I am looking back at a journey filled with joy and pain. I remember great days where I felt like I was on the top the world, and I remember very low days struggling to just barely survive the day and getting my commitment done by sheer force of will.

I am now done and have changed my life. I have built a life long habit that is transformative to me personally. If you are already on your commitment journey – then keep going! If you have not been able to get started, then I hope you will be inspired to do so.

The change in your life that you want is most likely one good habit away from being realized. So get your commitment done today or start for the first time. Be your own hero.

Guy Reams (415)
365 Alumni
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