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Commitment Defined – 107 Days Left

Parked in my car, heater is on full blast. The temperature outside has dropped fast. The snow has been coming down for 20 minutes now. The windshields are covered in white powder. I just finished gnawing through a cold breakfast bar. Just finished up tying my shoes. I am putting on some $5 Jersey gloves I bought at the gas station. I just tried to crack the door and a seal of ice made a nice and very cold sound as a blast of wind chilled air filled the car. The snow is coming down sideways now. I can no longer see the trailhead that I am supposed to run on. You see today is my long run morning. Going extra distance today to test my ability to sustain a long race at my desired pace. My calculation did not consider blizzard like conditions. So here I am, I pulled the door shut and got out my phone and started to type this blog entry. Am I going to suck it up and step out into that first freezing blast of air?

Commitment Defined.

Guy Reams (406)

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107 Days Left to 1st Marathon

Epilogue – I made it through my run this morning. I learned quite a bit along the journey – here are some of my mad thoughts while running in wind and snow this morning:

  1. The situation is never as bad as it seems when you first start out. It may seem overwhelming, but once you start and get on the path it gets better – in fact it can be amazing.
  2. I really look good as a snowman
  3. Running during freezing, snowing conditions have many advantages including:
    1. You have the trail all to yourself!
    2. The snow creates a bit of padding under your feet – making for a much smoother run!
  4. Bridges freeze first
  5. The earth is warmer closer to large water sources, yet the air is colder. Some thermal dynamics going on there? Huh. Gave me something to ponder for a few miles.
  6. I finally figured out what Ozzy is saying in the Black Sabbath song paranoid – “People think I’m insane because I am frowning all the time.” Finally! 40 years later and I finally figured out what he is saying. I guess I could have just googled it, but it was fun coming to that revelation while running in a snow storm.
  7. The Colorado river really is red, you can tell that when it is against a white backdrop.

Anyway, I believe that if there was any question I have lost my sanity pushing myself this hard to prepare for running a marathon – then this morning confirms it. Anyway – here is to you achieving your commitments despite the circumstances or conditions!

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