The 365 Commitment

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Day 45 – The Molten Core

I suffer, therefore I am.  Generating meaning in my life makes the suffering bearable.

Meaning is generated by taking on responsibility; I am compelled to make things better along nested and congruent lines of affiliation; for me, for my family, for my community, for my country, for humanity, and for all life, and in honor of the source of consciousness itself.

Positive emotion is derived from actual advances, progress, toward my goals and aims. I have a practical and pragmatic tool that enables my movement toward the light – the 365 Commitment. You too can gain traction and accelerate toward your best possible destiny by adopting the 365 Commitment and embracing incremental improvement; embracing the suck,  which means doing things that are beneficial yet potentially uncomfortable to your complacent or apathetic self.

Confront your bad habits and unprofitable modes of being. Commit to developing yourself, ingrain good habits, leverage subconscious/physical routine, aspire to a connect and or align with the highest good you can imagine.

These thoughts/imperatives emerge as I try to get to the core of my motivations, reason for being, and positive reasons to carry on through this lifetime.

Ben Wagner (51)

Member The 365 Commitment

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