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Seek Advice – 102 Days Left

On the journey to self improvement I have discovered that it is very easy to fall into a reclusive trap of self indulgent contemplation. I look at it as “putting your head down.” When you are faced with overcoming years and years of laziness and procrastination (ok, maybe that is just me) perhaps all you can do is just grit your teeth and muscle through the hard times. Consequently this causes you to be less social, less willing to talk to others, less willing to take on the problems of others. You are trying to climb your own mountain and it is tough, so you tend to turn inward. This message is dedicated to reminding myself that this is not a good behavior, and that it is better to seek advice and wisdom from others and to open the lines of communication with those around you.

When you have your head down and you are in the midst of your struggle, it is not easy to see what is going on around you. You may not realize you are heading for a cliff, going to wrong direction entirely or taking a path that is much more difficult than it needs to be. My reaction is always to close off and really focus on my difficult task, avoiding all other distractions. However, due to the fact that I am generally blind to reality when I am in this state it is a great reminder to acknowledge that I have to seek advice from others at every opportunity.

Put down the darn ego for a second. Ego is a good way to keep yourself motivated, but it can be a very destructive force when left unchecked. In my case, I sometimes get so hell bent on a path that I do not have a clear vision of my direction, and then my ego prevents me from seeing the reality for what it is. My ego then also prevents me from asking for help, or guidance, or advice from others because that would be an admission of weakness. Stupid really. I never get hurt by the advice from others, I only get benefit – so why am I so stubborn about it?

The point is that if you are just starting out on a journey of self improvement, keeping personal commitments then do not hesitate to ask for advice or guidance from others. You will be shocked to realize, that no one really looks down on you for that request – they actually (for the most part) really do want to help you and look at you more positively because you were brave enough to ask. This leads me to a rule on life that I have adopted (but do not follow well):

The person that will have the greatest impact on your life – you have not met yet.

Believe this statement or not, but the point is that we should be constantly talking to others about what we are doing, seeking advice, asking for guidance and opinions. You never know when you are going to meet someone that will have a real impact on you and perhaps be the key to unlocking a challenge that you have been having. Most the time, the great ambitious future self that you have a vision for, will not be accomplished without a support team. So it is a really good idea to seek advice from others. Get a coach, find a mentor, sit down and chat with a love one. Make this a priority, and you will only gain.

Guy Reams
365 Alumni
102 Days Left to 1st Marathon

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