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Love – 109 Days Left

We are taught to love what we do, but perhaps we should do what we hate until we love it?
We are taught to love God, but perhaps we should love who God would want us to become?
We are taught to love one another, but perhaps we should serve another until they love us?
We are taught to love the moment, but perhaps we should love suffering then every moment would be filled with love?
We are taught that love is the greatest emotion, but perhaps we should be grateful first then it would not be so damned hard to feel it
We are taught that love will find you, but perhaps that person was just really lucky the rest of us have to earn it.
We are taught to love ourselves, but perhaps we ought to love our future self instead?
We are taught that love makes the world go around, but perhaps that thought makes no sense at all because
Love is not discovered, it is made
Love is not mysterious, it is what you focus on
Love is not manifest, it is your result
Love is not kindness, it is your actions
Love is not a noun, it is a verb
Love is not a feeling it is a direction
Love is not yesterday, it is tomorrow
Love is not someday, it is today

So today’s post is dedicated to motivating you to love your future self, to love what you could become, to learn to love suffering because it will increase your capacity, to love the act of serving others instead of the idea of it, to take action now rather than to wait for something to happen. Love life, everyday. Stop waiting for love to find you and just start loving.

This concludes my pathetic attempt at a love poem on Valentine’s day. Now, I am going out the door to run in the pouring rain because I love it. Well, I actually hate it, but is there a difference?

Guy Reams (404)
365 Alumni
109 Days Left to 1st Marathon


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