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Myth of the Moment – 111 Days Left

Have you ever heard the story of the successful superstar person that talks about that one moment that changed their life. That one epiphany, that cataclysmic event that caused them to flip the switch and everything clicked into place and they were now living as they were supposed to?

They are lying. Yeah, there may have been a moment that caused them to get started. I will grant that. However, 15 days in, 30 days in, 45 days in and no single event can motivate you that much to propel you past the cold hard reality of waking up each day and keeping a commitment. The ability to last the test of time requires more than a miraculous revelation.

My life is filled with my false starts. Days when I tried to manufacture this “moment” of sudden inspiration that would turn my life around. I have a shelf full of notebooks that I started writing in during the prehistoric before wordprocessing days. Then I have a folder on dropbox full of 1 to 10 page journal entries entered in Wordperfect, Word and Notepad. I have a few more notebooks when I tried to start again and went back to a renaissance period using notebooks of various flavors and sizes. One of them is an old Franklin planner insert packet. Yes, I have tried to discover the moment and failed repeatedly. My latest round was the Microsoft One Note period of time, followed quickly by the Evernote time period of my life. As if a tool would actually help me do what I was avoiding all along.

There is never going to be a moment in which you suddenly get hit over the head and all changes and you suddenly become what you want to be, what you know you could be. Sure, a moment may inspire you, but the reality is that the only thing separating from you from achieving the vision of your future self is to start right now and just not stop and you will eventually make a habit out of it.

You then I have my permission to manufacture some story about how you had this moment that turned your life around. You can talk about it on stage one day, and everyone will oooh and aaahh about what an inspiration that was. You will be the divine manifestation of a miracle. You will become the embodiment of the hero in the mythical story that we humans love. However, you and I will keep the dirty little secret – and that is your success really started with you (me) just deciding to get off of our collective rear ends and keep our commitments.

Guy Reams (402)
365 Alumni
111 Days Left to 1st Marathon

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