The 365 Commitment

My Dive into an Ant Hill

So I ran up a mountain this morning, and on my way up I tripped and fell right smack into an ant hill. A big one, with a bunch of swarming red ants. They instantly covered my hands and arms and started to furiously bite me. Took me a few minutes to wipe all those little buggers off me and as I continued to run, I kept finding some little friends crawling around on my neck, back, shoulders, and even under my shirt. The rest of the run was uneventful. Well I did cut a inch long gash into my knee, got licked to death by two very excited dogs, and generally ran myself into the ground going up and down 14 miles.

However, I kept going and pushed forward and finished my attempt to push the envelope this morning. It was worth it, even though I am a little sore, tired and ready to take a long nap. I usually run pretty long distances on Saturdays, but this trail is tough, steep with lots of switch backs, rocky technical trail climbing. I think that extra work really tests new muscles and you have to keep your mind very active as you weave in and around rocks and tree trunks.

I am on Day 6 of a new program today. I will fill you in on the progress when I get to around 100 days. That is my litmus test for viability of a new habit. So we will see how that progresses. It is going to take a lot more then a swarming ant hill to stop me from reaching my goals!

Guy Reams

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