The 365 Commitment

Do Something Radical and Unexpected

Sometimes you need to do something just a little crazy, radical and unexpected. Something that pushes you to the edge and triggers that human instinct to push forward despite the pain. There are some people that would argue that you should do that everyday, but I am not there yet. Perhaps when I become famous like Mark Wahlberg, insanely in shape like David Goggins, or crazy wealthy like Richard Bronson then I can adopt that lifestyle and brag about it. However, for now, I am a once and awhile radical crazy wacko.

Like tomorrow morning, where I am going to pick a large hill and run straight up it until I get to the top and then come back down. Found some people to go with me (safety in numbers) and I am going to lead them in a wild run up a winding steep climb for 20 or so miles and then back down. My goal is to maintain my run without stopping, and keep my heart rate at 150 bpm the entire time. Focus my mind on the task, keep the oxygen, fuel and water intake at the right levels and test my ability to withstand sheer torture.

You see the week was tough. Lots of struggles going on. Ups and downs. TO prove to myself that I can not only take that, I can also take a butt kicking early morning running up mountains. Charge on!

Guy Reams

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