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The Best

I wonder if the aspiration to be the best at something that you can possibly be is enough motivation? Put aside other motivations, greed, fear, pride and all of that. Just the pure motivation to be the best you can. Is that good enough? If yes, then how do you make that happen? From what reservoir do you drink to build up the inner strength to rise up and push yourself past your normal limits and be even better then you are? How do some people find this source of motivation and other do not? I wonder if this is a motivation that can be found, or cultivated somehow? Along that same notion, are there some motivations that are stronger than others? If you were to dig deep and caress the inner workings of your deep sub conscious, which one would you seek to stir up as a source of uncanny strength? Being the best, just because you can, has to be one of them. Mastering your own self not for any reason, but for the reason to say that you can and that you did. That has to be powerful if it can be found. A secret wellspring of unflourished longing that helps one to overcome even the greatest of weaknesses. Hmm. Maybe I can find it. Guy Reams
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