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Blog 255 – Something to Say

“Into the flood again.  Same old trip it was back then.  So I made a big mistake, try to see it once my way. Am I wrong?  Have I run to far to get home? Have I gone? Left you here alone? If I would, could you? ”

I could have this wrong, but if I heard it right, and I remember it right, these are the lyrics written by the guitar player for Alice In Chains  Jerry Cantrell – who wrote this about his band mate Layne Stanley.  Jerry wrote it for Layne to sing, and sing it he did.  His rendition never fails to move me in a powerful and  emotional way.   It was a big hit for the Seattle power rock band.  They get categorized as “grunge” – but I don’t think their music really matches that genre – to me they express pain, fear, and angst in a powerful, poetic, poetic and hauntingly beautiful way – hard rock virtuosity.  This song seems to be about regret most of all, and a warning to others to look within themselves and avoid the same fate.

The song was a prophecy of the future that Layne would live out.  He died from Heroin addiction.

Can you imagine singing your own epitaph and it’s a huge hit?!  The song always reminded of my own father and his seemingly inevitable plunges back into an alcoholic self-medicating lifestyle.

Ultimately, for me this  song has to be about redemption. Redemption of others who may hear the song and take heed, listen to the warning and find a way not to succumb to the same fate.  It is the compassionate last gasp of someone slipping into hell.

Well for Layne’s sake I hope not.  And for mine and yours (sake) I hope not as well.  So step back from the edge my friend – look toward the light.  But heed the warning.


Ben Wagner

Member The 365Commitment


Here is the song – take a listen 🙂


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Diana Linzey
Diana Linzey
3 years ago

I’m a huge Alice In Chains fan. I lived in Seattle 1985 to 2001. I played in bands that didn’t open for Soundgarden, Nirvana, or Alice in Chains, but we were playing in the same clubs and definitely crossed paths. The talent that Layne & Jerry had combined is one of a kind. True vocal magic. It’s sad that heroin had Layne in it’s grips. Many of his lyrics spoke of death from it. Check out the lyrics in Mad Season’s ‘River of Deceit’ or Alice in Chains ‘Down in a Hole’ and ‘Them Bones’ etc. So sad that the drug was his inspiration and his demise.

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