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Blog 256 – Don’t Worry – Just Be – Then Move Forward

If there is one thing that helps – it’s reducing unnecessary suffering.  Now, suffering that results in a net gain?  I’m all for it.  Like going for a run, or doing some form of rigorous exercise – sure it is uncomfortable, but there is a net gain overall.  But, worrying is not like that.  Worry is characterized by imagining bad outcomes in the future coupled with a feelings of powerlessness, and characterized by an overall anxiety.  How do I know this?  Because I experience it more than I’d like.  I’d guess that you may experience worry too?

As much as people like to say “everybody’s different,”  I would have to lean towards the opposite conclusion – we are all the more the same than different – worry and anxiety plague us all at some point in life.  Sort of like, all fish are wet.

Worrying does not help.  Faith in the ultimate good helps.  Settling into a meditative state, first with some relaxed breathing, then with conscious reassurance to the body that we are safe and can relax helps a lot too.  Then, through memory and imagination evoking positive emotions of love and kindness helps too.  Then finally, seeking connection with God with y0ur spirit helps.  This combination of relaxation, meditation and prayer help me to stop worrying – and to just be.  This is a simple 15 minute process I used just this morning to leave worry behind and prepare myself to move forward into this new day.

So, I say to you – don’t worry.  Just be. Move forward with purpose – imagine a future where you are making things better and free of anxiety.

Carry on.

Ben Wagner

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