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Time Travel

Well now that we are in the new “social distancing” paradigm. I swear, if this whole coronavirus things is just a way for social media companies to improve their stock price, I am going to be really upset. Anyway, my kids are stuck home learning how to be socially distant. Naturally we have turned to binge watching just about everything. I suggest you invest in Netflix stock. I predict that they are going to be printing money here shortly. Everyone is going to become streaming addicts again in the next few weeks. It will be fun to watch our public schools try to mobilize through their political drama to provide remote or distance education. That is headed for certain failure. Consequently, we are going to have a good solid month of watching a whole lot of streaming shows and movies.

Anyway, we have started early and we start watching some futuristic show about seeing the future. I am sure this will not be the first or the last one we watch of this genre this next few weeks. As the movie progressed, I fought hard to stay mentally engaged but sure enough, my brain started to wander and I started thinking about time travel. When considering space/time and the theory of relativity I guess you can stay that time travel is really possible but in the here and now in my psychical reality is time travel really possible?

Yes it is and I can predict the future and so can you. All you have to do is to start visualizing what your future will be like. Visualize it so well that you know exactly what you will be wearing, doing and how you will be feeling. Keep it up and eventually, your vision of the future will become a memory and there will come a day when the event actually occurs and you will be shocked at how accurate your memory of the future actually was. I have done this a few times, in fact recently, and my vision of the future was indeed pretty incredible. The moment that I had a vision for came true and in such clarity it was pretty eerie. Consequently, I am convinced that I became a time traveler. You can too! Just start focusing on what you want the future to be, and it will come true.

Now, I suggest that you visualize the future that you WANT because it does not make sense to visualize a future that you do not want.

Guy Reams

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