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Koala Bears

The Phascolarctos cinereus (Koala) has a bad reputation. First off they are not even bears. However, everyone goes around calling them a bear. I imagine this is really frustrating for their entire species. I do not think there are even any bears of any kind in New South Wales and South Australia. The are referred to as a the completely useless animal, that sit in trees all day and get do nothing more then get drunk on Eucalyptus leaves. They are listed as a vulnerable species, but I have heard scientists say that it is a natural selection process because the Koala is just generally not fit for survival. That has to really make them sore, no wonder they lay around all day and stare at people with their beady little eyes.

I realized this morning that people have an impression of me, or I have an impression of them that is just that. An impression. Most likely the impression was given to me by another and not even the very person themselves. I need to check myself on that, give people an opportunity to win their own impression rather than my preconceived notion dominating my view of them. How much more progress could we make in life if we were to be willing to second guess our impressions of another.

Take Mr. Koala for instance. First of all, the Koala is capable for sleeping in a tree for over 20 hours per day. Now that takes some real talent. I actually can appreciate this skill. I would love to sleep for 20 hours if I could and to do so while sitting in a tree? That would be something else. Their rear ends are designed for this exact purpose by the way. I mean someone has to sit in a Eucalyptus tree all day, right? The Koala is purpose built for this and does it quite well. Did you know they have opposing thumbs? One of the only creatures on the planets besides humans to have this characteristic. They are probably the most adept at tree climbing then any mammal to ever have lived.

They cannot see for crap, however their hearing and sense of smell is amazing. They can smell out a piece of fruit they like in a giant forest with pinpoint accuracy. They have amazing claws, they can run almost 30km/hour, the leave a signature (like graffiti) on trees they visit. The males have this really interesting gland on their chest they use to mark territory and the females have a built in backpack. Additionally, the females deliberately pass on bacteria through a sticky substance to their young so that they can build the digestive enzymes for the Eucalyptus leaves. The more I get to know Mr. and Mrs. Koala the more I realize how wrong I was about them. They are quite curious, amazing and quite efficient all at the same time. Did you now they are absolute masters of the Keto diet? You may not realize it, but Eucalyptus has very little sugar. They sleep all day because they going into this total ketogenic state and burn hardly any calories at all.

Now I think the Koala could really do some things to help improve their image. Smile once and a while, wave at the cameras, look a little more active now and then, that sort of thing. However, I think my concept is proving to be true. You should really question your impressions of someone, if you are harboring ill will. Perhaps they are just a Koala Bear after all.

Guy Reams

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