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Be Like Water

There are many aspects of water that can model good human behavior. My favorite is that of a stream, for which if you give it enough time will eventually flow straight and smooth. The main point being that things only become clear after a lifetime of dedication and purpose. Another is that of the powerful force that water can be when consitently applied. There is not a substance in the universe that can withstand the steady drip of water over eons of time.

My analogy today is of the great stabilizing influence that a large body of water can have on the surrounding environment. A small puddle, a pond, or tiny lake will not be much of an influence on the ecosystem surrounding it, but a very large body of water will absolutely impact the world around it. It regulates the temperature, controls any destructuve forces and provides nourishment to countless species. The body of water stores a tremendous amount of energy which is what keeps the area surrounding it generally mild.

When we first start building a lifetime of good habits, the first few weeks, months will seem like nothing more that a small accumulation. However, years of adding cumulative good habits will become a reservoir of strength to you. Like a large body of water it will influence you, the people around you and your environment in which you live. Things will become stable, regulated and less prone to setbacks.

The point is that you build this reservoir of water, one small drip at a time, consistently over time. It will seem small at first, with little progress to account for all your work. However, one day you will wake up and suddenly realize the tremendous size of what you have done. Despite anything that is thrown at you, the stable force of your accumulated habits will even everything out and obstacles will seem hardly noticeable.

Guy Reams

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