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Cow Run

Pitch black outside, the only light I have is my headlamp, which is running out of batteries and the reflective glow on my running vest. A long open highway on a country road. I have seen one truck, but that was about an hour ago. I hear the rather angry calls of birds waking up out of their nests. The sun is just showing its first signs of hesitant glow to my left. It is cool, probably in the high 30s. My breathe blows out in front of me, reminiscent of a locomotive and I sort of feel that way as my sluggish climb continues up the slight incline in front of me.

That is when I hear the sound. At first I thought it was an echo from my own footsteps, but then I realized that the thudding sound was shaking the ground slightly. I stopped and so did the sound. After a moment, I kept going and the dull, thump, thump, thump continued. I nearly jumped out of my shoes when I heard the pair of loud snorts and a cloud of steam that poured over me. Seperating me from two very large yealing teenage cows was a flimsy barbed wire fence.

I started to run again, and the two cows matched my pace. I slowed and they slowed. Then I started to get faster, and so did they. Pretty soon, I was at a full sprint and the two cows were right there with me. This was good sport, and they both seemed eager to prove their meddle. We raced down the pasture until a fence barred their further progress and I waved goodbye. A few moments later, I could hear the calling sound of the pair howling into the morning air.

Cow Run. 4am. Laketown, Utah.

Guy Reams

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