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Success by Accident

Success is something you find by accident while you are on the path to your dreams. So basically you just need to get on the path.

I have learned that you do not become successful after reaching the destination. You do not find success at the top of the mountain, rather you stumble into success as you trudge your way along the path. We start out in life thinking that we have to reach some pinnacle, some high point in our lives and in our careers. We think, erroneously, that we will achieve some great position of acclaim and then in a great moment a ribbon will be pinned on our chest and we will smile broadly and realize that success has been realized.

This does not happen, or at least that is not the way it happens. Every successful person that I have ever talked was taken by surprise by their success. Not the fact that they were successful, they are all usually very confident people. Success, in their minds, was inevitable. However the form that success comes in, that is what catches them off guard. They were not expecting success to happen the way it happens and in the manner it does. You see they accidentally run into success while they are busy climbing the path to the fictional success that the have visioned for themselves.

On the mountain of success, you will find many mansions built on divers paths along the way. Success has never been found at the top. While you are on the path, you will try an iteration here and an iteration there. You will take some risks, take a few leaps, charge up a few hills and slide down some inclines. Then when you least expect it, usually in the heat of the battle, you will find success around a turn, or on a switch back. It will jump right out at you and you will call yourself lucky.

However, were you really lucky? After all you were on the path. You were heading in the general direction. You were there and in the struggle. So when the opportunity came, you were there and able to receive. That is the path of success, and perhaps the only way that success comes. I met a genetic research scientist that talked about this phenomenon. They create a plan to research and discover a trend by analyzing some trends that they see. They start heading down a path and then somehow along the way the start to make a discovery that changes the entire course of their research. This is how they seem to find success and so it is with everything else.

So if my premise is true, that success is found by accident that that would necessitate that you be on a path in order to find success. So, if that is true, you therefore must accept that you absolutely must get on a good path as fast as possible. Quit debating what to do and just get on the path.

Guy Reams

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