The 365 Commitment

100 Day Challenge

Two days (Tuesday, June 16th) will mark the 900th day in a row that I have kept my original 365 Commitment. Also 895 poorly written blogs and maybe 5 good ones! Anyway, 1000 days of The 365 Commitment has always seemed like a significant vista to strive for, sort of like some far off peak in the distance that you aim for while hiking. Now that I am close, it seems pretty exciting that I have been able to do something consistently everyday for that many days in a row. Admittedly, some days have been better that others. However, I have accomplished it and have kept an entry in my journal and written one of these blog entries everyday as a token of evidence that my pursuit was indeed achieved.

I will not spend a lot of time cataloging in the blog the improvements that I have made in my life along the way, what I want to accomplish is to prepare myself mentally for the 100 days leading up to the 1000 day mark. Now I will continue past that, I am sure. I quite believe that I have developed one of those, go to the grave habits. Is that even a thing? Well, it is now. Who knows what number I will hit when I am finally just to frail to author a blog entry and write my notes down for that given day. Will I one day write down, Day 17,000 or perhaps Day 20,000? Perhaps day 20,001 is not that far of a stretch considering the health improvements that I continue to make. I wonder if I will be able to run that day? I have a few family members that came close, so why not?

Anyway, I am preparing for the 100 day challenge. This will be the second one that I have done. I plan to set out to accomplish a few awesome things during the 100 day span from day 900 to day 1000. I am going to decide on the habits that I am going to form during that period, and what future vision of myself that I am going to author. Then in a bold and strong move, I am going to set myself firm, suck it up, and firm up my resolve and finish the next 100 days strong.

I will record my journey along the way. Tomorrow I plan to really define what I am going to set out to do and then on Tuesday will be officially the 1st day of the challenge. Could you use to have your own 100 day challenge!? If so, join me!

Guy Reams

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