The 365 Commitment

The Challenge Begins!

My 100 day challenge is beginning starting tomorrow. This is where I throw the gauntlet down, suck it up, and go hard corp again. There are many things that I have been wanting to accomplish for awhile, many things that I am close to but just have not been able to pull off. So the next 100 days (a little over 3 months) is where I am going to focus and knock out some cool stuff. Here are the items:

1. Get to my racing weight. I want to get lean again, down to where I feel like I can run my fastest.
2. Complete my first ultramarathon (even if I have to run it all by myself – meaning I cannot use the excuse that the event was cancelled due to COVID).
3. Finish producing The 365 Commitment podcast (finalize all 12 episodes)
4. Write and publish The 365 Commitment book. I have already started this and am sitting on several chapters. Time to get serious and publish this thing, even if it just a downloadable e-book.
5. Rebrand myself – I do not know what this means. I need to figure it out. 100 days – clock is ticking!

I think that is the main items. I have many more, related to personal quests. Improve my chess playing, improve my memory system, work on a my meditation routine and that sort of thing. However, those are not important enough to put as the top 5. I also have some private things that I plan to improve related to my family, but I will keep those to myself!

Anyway, here goes. 100 days of self imposed torture!

Guy Reams

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