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The roman concept of equanimity. You know this as mental calmness, composure, keeping your temper in check and staying calm under pressure. Marcus Aurelius wrote of being like the rock that can stand unmoving as the raging sea crashes all around it. Think on this for a minute. How often have you been able to accomplish stillness!? Being just still. That is kind of a super power. It is the final advice that Antoninus gave to Marcus when he passed the power of the roman empire to him – be still.

What would it be like to be able to find clarity, to be a steady ship amidst the tumult and chaos of the day. To be non phased by attack, by dogged assault and of persecution. Rather have so much confidence in what guides you, to stay strong in despite the pressure to fold. To focus, to be creative, to maximize your capability even though the world might be crashing around you.

In a fast paced digital world of clicks, bytes, streaming and targeted advertising we are hard pressed to find stillness. We are constantly in pursuit of entertainment, of the next thing, of conflict and of the eager pursuit of what we do not have. How often do we set a goal to just be still. To deliberately lay those guns in the ground for a while and be who you are with stoic resolve?

To bad I am like the anti-thesis to equanimity. I think I need to change.

Guy Reams

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