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Big Days

The problem with big days, like Birthdays, is you have this interesting dillema. It feels like the kind of day that could mark the beginning of something great. The day you start something awesome. However, this could also be a great day to do nothing. After all, you deserve it right?

Here is the problem. Everyday is a big day. Everyday is an excuse to start something awesome or find aome lame reason why you should delay any self improvements. The correct and only effective way to think is to party like everyday is your birthday. That is right, everyday when you wake up set out to treat every opportunity to make the day in front of you amazing. This attitude makes every morning an opportunity to make the day special.

With this in mind July 2nd is just like July 3rd. You do not need to wait until January 1st or April 1st. You do not need to wait until the solstice or the full moon. You do not need it to be Ash Wednesday, Taco Tuesday or Freaky Friday. Manic Mondays are just as good as a regular old Thursday.

The day you start can be any day, because everyday is the same. There are no big days when everday is awesome. So what are you waiting for? July 3rd is just as good as August 1st.

Guy Reams

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3 years ago

So true!! As scripture says, “this is the day the lord has made!” Every day is a day given from the Lord!

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