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Must Stay Hydrated

A while back ago, I blogged about the importance of drinking water. We can worry about all these really important health improvement things, but if we forget to drink enough water, all is lost. We all say it, “I need to drink more water.” Well here is the reality. If you do not stay hydrated everything else you attempt is most likely going to fail.

Funny how the trivial little things are always the greatest stumbling blocks on our climb to success. You must stay hydrated, you must drink water, that is always step 1.

So I promised I would catch back up on my results of drinking the exact requirements for my daily water intake everyday. What I have been doing, is that I have followed a habit in which every morning I fill a giant water bottle and I drink that before noon every day. I have to urinate a lot more frequently, but the results have been awesome.

I have more energy. I have less fatigue at the end of the day. My mood has improved. My running in the morning is feeling less lethargic and I have less aches and pains in general. My digestion is improving and I finally have been able to figure out how to plan and cook three meals per day. So I would say, that just making sure I took care of my hydration first – definitely is a great idea.

Guy Reams

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