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Right Thing

What is the higher standard? The thing that you are honor bound to do? The thing that would give you the best outcome personally? The thing that would achieve the best result? The thing that you promised to do? The thing that you are supposed to do? The think you are legally obligated to do?

I was pondering this dilemma today while running around the block. I think I ultimately decided that the higher standard is to do the right thing. Now, I know what you are thinking. How do you know what the right thing is? What compass or source do you use to judge?

Well here is the real question isn’t it? When we think of goals, objectives, accomplishments in life, should we not consider first by which criterion we will determine success? Ultimately that is how we lead a purpose driven and centered life. We need to have confidence that we know the right thing, because we have a compass. So what is your compass?

That is an important question and perhaps one that I need to really put some thought into. Just saying God is my compass is not enough, because saying God is my source is the same as claiming I am doing the right thing. All very subjective. Is not this a really important thing to make part of your daily review? How do I judge the right thing?

Guy Reams

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