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The World of Myr

So as part of my “next 1000 days” initiative, I am coming up with some audacious goals. One of my concepts that I have centered around is in the art of story telling. I indeed want to become a masterful story teller. That probably will not happen, but it will be fun to try! So as part of that, I have been contemplating a fictitious world that I can use to base many story ideas that I have come up with over the years. I have been slowly formulating a few plot lines, but all of those have needed context. So I have, after some consternation, finally settled on a mythology that will serve as the context for my stories.

The context is the World of Myr. This is pronounced “mere” by common people, but someone from a more learned background might pronounce it more like “mirror.” There is indeed a play of words here. The continents that make up the world of Myr were at one time united in a larger land mass. This land mass was mostly surrounded by a land of ice as the temperatures of the world would at times become very cold. Let me explain. The planet of Myr is in an strange orbital pattern around a double star cluster. Effectively if you were standing on the planet Myr right now, you would see in the heavens during the daylight hours two celestial starts that the planet was orbiting. Myr also means one million years and that is about the time, long ago, that one of the celestial bodies started to undergo the chemical reaction that changes the star to a more reddish color and it started to grow in size. The early stages of supernova. This altered the orbital pattern of Myr and the one land mass started spinning towards the red star more often, causing longer days and a much warmer climate. The frozen oceans began to melt, and now what once was a unified land is now nothing more than a series of islands of the areas of the large continent that were at higher elevations.

There are many things that I have already developed here. The Kingdom that was the exemplified embodiment of order and precision is now in ruins and chaos. The people, animals, and even the vegetation have started to evolve over the million years into something quite different than they once were. The radical temperature flux has caused some interesting weather patterns, including a bitter and destructive acid type rain that drenches the islands periodically. However, the people that were once part of a orderly kingdom living in relative peace are now the descendants of a chaotic world forced into separation. The people worship two powerful deities, one being more of order and predictability and the other being more of chaos and beauty. So that is the foundation of one of the stories that I wrote years ago.

Now that I have built a solid habit of focusing on what is important to me everyday, I am going to direct that power at what I really want to accomplish during this next 1000 days. Now there are many things that I want to do, but crafting and accomplishing my story is definitely on top of the list. I will never mention the World of Myr again in my blogs. At least not until the first story is fully written. I bring this up, because part of the process of goal setting is to create momentum. I am doing that by launching a new world, a new universe for which I can explore ideas that I am working on. Anyway, I have accomplished something that I wanted to get done and that is to finally settle upon the world that would become my future context. I have mapped this world out, using a techniques that if you found out about you would laugh. However, the technique worked and I am now staring at a map of the World of Myr wondering which island should the first story begin at?

Guy Reams

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