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You Can Change

The phrase that I hear that I like the least is that, “I cannot change.” I am too old. I am too set in my ways. That is the way that I am. I guess I was just born that way.

The thing is that any human, beyond a physical impairment, can do just about anything else that another human can do. The degree of seperation is very small.

I can hear all the arguments now. Mozart was godlike, there is no way someone could learn that. He ability to compose was a kin to what an angel would produce. Usain Bolt can run almost 30mph, no one else could do that. The arguments could go on and on. I will grant you that some people have an aptitude for a certain activity and when fate put them on the path of that activity marvelous outcomes occur. However, just because Mozart was amazing does not mean that you too could not compose a beautiful piece of music. Just because there are runners out there faster than a Volkswagon Beetle does not mean you could not run a mile in 5 minutes.

You can do amazing things, and here is the main point. You cannot be awesome at anything overnight. Even if you had a natural talent. You accomplish amazing things by starting small and never quitting.

This is ultimately how you can change. Are you poor? Well you can become rich. I have seen people climb from poverty to wealth in 20 years, why couldn’t you climb from middle to low income to decently well off? I have seen people racked with the torment of evil and wrong choices get lifted from their circumstances and become great spiritual leaders. Why couldn’t you go from an average decent person to a person people listen to for guidance?

Here is the deal. You can do anything armed with two things. A willingness to start small and start right now and never quit. Secondly a reliance on God or whatever you choose to believe God is. At the end of all your efforts, you will find a magnifying power brought to you through faith in something bigger and better than yourself.

Guy Reams

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