The 365 Commitment

Knight of the Seven

There is nothing more motivating then a pending milestone to look forward to. The problem is that if you do not do anything with it. Then the milestone becomes trivial and just another excuse to procrastinate. So I have one of those types of milestones pending. In 10 days from now I will be hitting the 1000 day mark since I started my “365 Commitment.” I have started many habits during this 1000 days, I have also stopped many things. However, the only thing that really counts is what I am left with when I get to the milestone. So far, this is what I have to show for the 990 days.

1. I wake up at 5am every morning.

2. I prayerfully create a list of the most important things for me to accomplish that day.

3. I read something spiritually uplifting every morning.

4. I run.

5. I do a pushup, situp, squat routine.

6. I write this blog.

7. I end every day prayerfully reviewing the list that I came up with and think about how I could have done better.

Now there are other things that I do, and many things that I have done, but the above are absolutely core. I firmly believe that habits take about 90 days to become firm, impenetrable habits. So I have taken each of these habits through almost 10 100 day anniversaries. These are core to me now. I just do them. No questions asked.

What is the result? Well there are definitely some good things to this. With the COVID thing it is hard to tell, because perhaps this has helped me to weather the storm of isolation and sitting in my office all day. There is some negative, mainly due to letting myself fall into ruts. I just go through the motions and do not gain as much value as I might have early on. Having said that, my low is now my old high. Meaning, when I hit a low point now and get discouraged and depressed at least I am still doing those 7 things. Nothing will stop me from the 7. They are part of me now.

I am a knight of the seven. With this 1000 days milestone coming up, I wonder what I shall add to my repertoire? Great thing to ponder this next 10 days.

Guy Reams

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