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Savoir Faire eez Everywhere

In 1966, CBS released an animated cartoon called Klondike Kat. There was a Canadian Village being terrorized by a french speaking villian named Savoir Faire. This character was a smooth operator who was a mouse that had a pet dog with him named Malamutt. The basic formula for the show was that Savoir Faire would pull off a crime right under the nose of the Royal Candian Mounted Police. They would call in Klondike Kat, who always gets his mouse.

I will make mincemeat out of that mouse, Klondike would exclaim and ruah in hot pursuit of the French Canadian mouse who would always appear relaxed and in perfect control of the situation. Klondike Kat would stumble around often times inflicting more property damage than the theft he was trying to recover. He would make gross errors of incompetancy but in the end find himself saved by a moment of luck or providence and capture Savoir Faire. The next episode would see Malamott rescueing his master and the plot would resume again.

I have no idea why this came to my mind today. The term Savoir Faire is a concept that decribes know how, but specifically refers to a person able to behave appropriately in social situations. I think this cartoon emphasizes the need to be able to stay calm, polite, and under control and yet at the same time be willing to pursue your cause with full purpose of heart.

Guy Reams

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