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To Ask is Dangerous

If you ask for something be careful, you just might get what you ask for. We sit around and complain and say we want this and we want that. Do we really think about what we will do if we really get it? I want to be the boss. I want to be in charge. I want to be in control. I want a lot of money. I want to be in shape. Well, are you ready for what your life would be like if you were granted your wish?
I once said, wow, I wish I could be a runnner. Now I am up at 5am and running every morning. Yup, wish granted. Welcome to the lifestyle! I have 8 pairs if shoes in my rotation. I have more running clothes then plain clothes. I eat gel packets for dessert. Yeah, i wanted to be a runner.
Do you want to be more balanced? I hear people say that all the time. Think this through first. What does that mean? How would you have to change? You want more money? Same question. Are you ready for the reconstructive surgery that is going to happen in your life? I want to be more like Jesus. Really? Sounds like a great goal, but he died at 33 without a penny to his name and was tortured for his philosophy. Think twice before ypu use the phrase, I want. Would you truly give everything, including your life, for your beliefs?

We can wish and hope for an outcome all that we want to, but in order to achieve that we have to change as a person. Put it this way, you are perfectly setup to achieve the exact outcome you are getting right now. To obtain something new is going to require change. The bigger the ask, the greater the change.

So what do you you want to ask for now?Guy Reams

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