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What would your story be like if you wrote it down and it was read to the next generation? What would your story be like? A romantic comedy? An adventure? A tragedy perhaps? A long drawl of a story with no real excitement at all?

The thing is you are absolutely the author of your own story. You are completely in control, and all the plot twists or lack therefore are your own doing. Now there are things out of your control, the story has a context after all, but for the most part you are the author, editor, and publisher of the story of you. Believe me, no one else really cares that much about you.

With a tremendous sense of irony, my story just took an interesting turn. As I was writing that last paragraph, my daughter knocked her extra large hot chocolate over into my lap. You are in control. Yeah right. So I, the author of this amazing story that is Guy, will walk out of this restaurant with the front of my pants soaked in a slightly brown looking substance.

However, the story goes on as does the road trip. What will be next? What great obstacle will I overcome? What mountain shall I climb? What characters will I meet?

Guy Reams

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