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Kick Your Own Butt

The best day to kick your own butt is the day after a holiday. Yeah, you know what I am talking about. You ate a bunch of stuff you should not have. You stayed up to late. You feel sort of hung over for all the meal prep, cleaning up, and aggressively trying to cram as much yummy foods into your mouth as possible all the while thinking, “today I get a pass but tomorrow I will be better.” Well, today is tomorrow!

Which means that you should not give yourself one moment of respite. Get up early. Get dressed and ready to go and then come up with a plan that will really test your meddle and then double it. Do even more than you anticipated. Create some major lofty objective and try to get there, you should try to do something impossible and they do your best to get there and then fail in your attempt.

At the end of that activity you should really feel exhausted, wiped out and ready to just pass out. Then you can go ahead and try it again. Ha! Kick your own butt. If you can do this the day after a holiday, then you are basically telling yourself that your active mind is in complete control. You are setting the agenda and you will have complete self mastery. It is a signal to send that is pretty powerful. One of the problems of post holiday hang over is that you lull around for a while, perhaps a few days, and that sends a signal that this is acceptable and it is really had to get back to where you want to be.

So the best thing that you can do is shock yourself out of it. Go the extra mile, and you will notice a very interesting phenomena. The holiday will not have a negative impact on you, you will start the next week energetic and on fire. You see it is not the holiday itself that does the damage. It is the 5 days after the holiday when you are supposedly “recovering” that is the problem. The best way to prevent this phenomena is to simply kick your own butt the next morning, early.

Guy Reams

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