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Power Builds

To overcome resistance you may require a significant display of power. An analogy would be a dam, in which water gathers behind and keeps gathering until is has so much stored power that it overcomes the resistance and breaks free in a sudden release of energy.
There comes time in life where you run against resistance that you just cannot overcome, it is just too hard. So you can just give up or you can take some time to carefully and quiety build power, storing it up so that you can release that power in your attempt to finally slay whatever is in your path.
So the question becomes, what can you do to build power?
Not sure I have the full answer to that, but I have learned it requires constant effort, but at a reduced rate. You keep up the pressure but lay off a bit and then when you are ready launch at full speed. That is when you put the extra effort in an overcome the obstacle in your path.

So contrary to a common assumption, power builds by preserving and resting not by continuous exhausted effort.

Guy Reams

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