The 365 Commitment

Start Small

Any good life changing habit starts small. If you start big, you fail. You can only hope to create and maintain a habit if you start small enough that you will actually do it.
How small? Real small. Ridiculously easy. You should feel embarrassed about how easy it is, but here is the deal. When you first start it will seem easy, but give it 3 weeks and on day 18 or 19, that “easy” task will seem like an overwhelming monster.
So you must start with something so small that you will do it, no matter what. Even if you are having the worst and most busy day of your life you can still knock out the habit. This is how you change your life.
It never happens with monumental and herculean tasks, it is always by the small and simple things. You will be amazed at how much capacity you can build after you master the simple. Start small, repeat until it becomes second nature and then add. This is how ypu change your daily routine. You will learn that it is everyday that slays the monster not anything you can accomplish in just one single day.

Guy Reams

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