The 365 Commitment

Cold Dead Fingers

I am typing this blog as my last effort of the day, with cold dead fingers. I fought the good fight today. I gave it all that had, I do not have much left. However, a commitment is a commitment, so therefore I finish this blog entry. Now I had some really cool blog ideas today. Many thoughts rolled through my head, but the the whirlwind of devastation plowed through my life and I found myself pulled away into the fray like Dorothy being sucked up into Oz.

So I type here, fighting every urge to throw in the towel. Give up and walk away. No! I will finish all my commitments, every single one of them. I will keep my daily commitments, even if you have to pry these cold dead fingers off of this keyboard!!!

I think I have gone quite literally mad, but you know what? Despite this day being one of the worst, most absolutely sucky days I have had in a long time – I got all 7 of my core daily habits done! So at least I have that to account for.

The End.

Guy Reams

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