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The Slow Roll

I am constantly torn between the slow roll and the just taking the plunge. Standing at the edge of a cold lake. Do you just jump in or do you slowly wade out? When you have something tough to do, how should you approach it? What is best?

Sometimes I think the slow roll is best. You get used to it, or you get people used to the idea. You have less damage that way. However, the problem is that this takes time and time is precious. Especially when you are missing potential opportunity. Taking the plunge can be painful and may cause damage, but you get it done faster and perhaps the losses that you experience when taking a plunge are worth it based on the opportunity gained.

That is the deciding factor. If the gain you will obtain, outweighs the potential damage from going too fast then the only decision you can make is to go fast. In that instance, going slow is only going to hurt you. You might save on some damage along the way, but you will lose on the ultimate opportunity. You have to think this way, if you do not then you will drive yourself crazy when you are either facilitating or experiencing change.

I have experienced a few corporate acquisitions now. This is always the calculus. A company merger demands change, primarily due to all the duplication that needs to be reduced. Also is the challenge of contention that any merger automatically introduces. The question is always, slow roll or band aid? Rip it off or slowly peel it away. If the opportunity is greater than the risk of loss, then most the time they choose to just rip that sucker off. It feels bad, everyone is upset about the pain, but then the opportunity starts to happen and everyone is happier, faster.

I remember I had to help give my son a shot when he was a baby at the doctor office. It happened fast, the poor kid started crying and looked at me in utter betrayal. However, he forgot about it quick. On my next child, my daughter, I tried to slow roll the shot thing. Make it seem happy and good and slowly build up to it. At the end of the day, I just had to let the doctor stick her. Same pain, just took more time.

So if you need to decide to slow roll or dive right in, look at your opportunity cost. Most the time, almost all the time, just jumping in and getting it done is the best approach.

Guy Reams

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