The 365 Commitment

Day as Portfolio

An investor that has a portfolio examines each company, fund in that portfolio and makes the most intelligent decision possible about where to put money so that they get the absolute best return possible over a specific duration of time. If the investor has a long term outlook, they tend to invest in securities that have solid long term outlook, with the best growth potential possible. So I have a thought.

What if you treated your day as a stock portfolio? When you start your day, you have a portfolio in front of you of where you can spend you most precious commodity – time. Where do you spend your time, on which portion of your portfolio will you make the heaviest investment?

3 hours of Netflix is probably not a good investment, for short term or long term. However, 1 hour of running is probably a great long term investment. Spending an hour with a loved one, child, friend, or spouse is a good investment. Doing your job, but specifically focusing on activities that will generate the most return rather than just showing up and punching the clock.

Reading, Writing, Learning all great investment opportunities. What is in your portfolio? Think about your time as your currency of investment. Where is the best place to place your bet?

Guy Reams

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