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Guns Blazing

That is my new motto. When I do something, I am going to go in guns blazing. That means suddenly, with full force and a lot of energy! Of course that might require me to shoot from the hip a bit as well. I think that might reduce my accuracy, hmm…, that brings up the point that I pondered today.

Which is more important in the game of life and conflict? Is it accuracy or speed? Careful consideration or wild spattering? Which is more effective? This is a serious question, really. I can and sometimes do spend a ton of time in meticulous plotting my next move. Sometimes to great effect, sometimes to a complete waste of effort. Then there are times, when I go in guns blazing, reckless and carefree and everything works out and things go just fine. So I wonder sometimes, perhaps, going in guns blazing should be my default motion?

After the dust settles, then I can figure out what is left and then do some careful planning. Whatever is left to deal with that is important is a worthy consideration for careful planning? I have wasted some much time in life worried about things that never happen. Why shouldn’t I spend the next half of my life just jumping in head first!? What is the worst that can happen?

Guy Reams

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