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The Fat Soul

I think it is a writing in a proverb that says something to the effect that the lazy person, or slacker, desires many things but will always end up with nothing. The soul that is diligent will be fat with the rewards of their pursuit. A lot can be said for diligence. It seems that the person that shows up everyday and puts forth effort, will in the end, find success. If we give up, or fall short and accept failure, or do not show up at all then we will be constantly staring at a list of things that we want rather than enjoying what we have earned.

So the secret to living a life of fullness is to be fat on the success of diligence, hard work and determined effort. There is a certain merit to what you do, certainly. However what you do pales in comparison to the consistency of how you pursue it. A few examples. Lets say you start out on a new strength training regimen. You decide to go with this workout, that is very simple, rudimentary even, however you cover all the major muscle groups with an increased load. You keep this up for an entire year, consistent. Compare that to the absolute perfect weight training workout, with the correct balance of exercises and the exact repetitions and alternation between muscle groups needed for your body. However, you practice this routine intermitted and without consistency. Which workout will produce the best results? I think you know that answer.

What you are able to do, and that you actually consistently do, is what leads to the fat soul. What leads to a starving soul, that is constantly wanting, is one where you engage in things that you are unable to do consistently and are constantly worried about your failure. I think it is time to admit to yourself this important consideration. Do not be concerned with what you are capable of. Be concerned with what you will actually perform repeatedly. Those are two absolutely different things. It is the difference between those who live a fat life and those that starve their whole life. Do what you will not what you can.

Guy Reams

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