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Be Wary of Easy

Finding something easy is always our secret quest, our internal hope. The inner desire that one day you will get that call, that letter in the mail, or that lottery ticket you purchased on a wim, actuallt winning. The stumbling upon the next Amazon stock, or the long lost rich aunt giving ypu her fortune in her will. The get rich quick scheme, the hidden treasure, that one penny with a printing error from 1928 that is worth several million.

Be wary traveller of the treasure found a long the path that is out in the open ready for the taking. Live by the higher ideal that nothing worth having is easily obtained and you will make less hasty, ill fated decisions. Life is suffering, life is hard and the rewards obtained only come to those who pay the true price. Hidden behind every instant success, or unearned victory is a trail of worry, angst, misery and fear of discovery. The easy win is often a trap, a path well trod that feeds the interest of the master mind that created it and rarely works to the benefit of the recipient.

Just accept that fact that success, true lasting success, comes with hard work. Better get started. You can find success by accident while you stumble through the difficult and less trod path.

Guy Reams

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