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Be Wary of the Hive Mind

There is a definite collective consciousness. In a few research studies that I have browsed through, there is a definite “mind” of the collective. A representation of the beliefs, attitudes, assumptions made by a group of people. We call this culture sometimes, but it is definitely a collection of accepted beliefs and practices. What is really weird is that the same patterns that research has discovered in an individual mind also are present in the collective mind. This means, for all intents and purposed, the mind of the collective is just as real as the mind of an individual. Is that scary or comforting?

We erroneously assume that this collective mind is “right” most the time. It is a culture that is defended vigorously by its members (you and I). We have a natural inclination to accept and enforce the collective mind’s perception of things even if it might be to our own detriment. The fact is that it is usually not right, and if you were to give it a number, it is probably right 50% of the time. I have no real data to back that up, but I can certainly use historical examples to justify this statement. It has definitely got it wrong on many occasions, and in many instances resulted in mass genocide or worse.

So we must beware of the hive mind. I am not saying to disregard it, because being a functional member of the society in which you live, requires some degree of understanding of what is acceptable. That is where tapping into this hive mind is helpful. However, if you follow the hive mind as a guide on how to believe, what to put faith in, and how to live your life then you are in for some trouble. The hive mind is always behind, easily led astray by strong influences, and will not have your best interest in mind…ever.

This is getting harder and harder these days. Streaming content is now created and produced and on the Netflix top 10 list in a very short period of time. Tools on our phone devices allow us to consolidate our social media streams together. The hive mind is very active and constantly bombarding us with its views of the world and how things should be. Far to many people become defenders and spokesperson for what they consider to be the current hive mind belief system. Unfortunately, what they tap into today, could change rather quickly tomorrow leaving them stranded as an outsider.

Living life by the whims, trends and aspirations of the collective is folly. The hive can recover from mistakes quickly, individuals cannot. We would be wise to consider alternative methods to establish our own beliefs, our own view of the world and what we put our faith in before we take feedback from the collective. Dangerous place to wade into without some foundation to begin with.

Guy Reams

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