The 365 Commitment

Consistency Pays Off

There is a concept that persistence pays off. That maybe true, but what is more true is that consistency pays off. You will improve the most by what you consistently do. That is a truth you can etch in stone and figure out what to do about it. Here is the deal – we do not WANT to believe this. We want to believe that if I just keep trying at something, I will eventually get it (persistence), but what is really true is that if you consistently pursue an effort on a regular basis you will get better and and better at it. Consistency, regular, recurring consistency is the single and best way to improve at anything.

Want to be smarter at something? Learn a little about it everyday, consistently.
Want to be a better runner? Run every day.
Want to be a better writer? Write every day.
Want to be a better sales person? Talk to clients everyday.
Want to be a better spouse, parent? Spend time with the people you love everyday.

Anything you can think of, gets better with consistency.

Guy Reams

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