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Their Shoes Feel Weird

Do you have a pair of shoes that are just really comfortable? They are like your go to, slip on in any condition and go shoes? Yeah, I have a pair of those too. They look like I dug them out of a garbage dumb, I am pretty sure Good Will would turn them down they are so bad. However, they fit really good and I love they way they feel on my feet. Now if someone else were to put those shoes on, as disgusting a proposition as that is, they would probably feel like these shoes were horrible. They fit all wrong, they are lumpy, uncomfortable, and are worn in all the wrong spots. Shoes that you wear for a long time, fit your feet and your lifestyle perfectly.

So it is with anything you do in life, including whatever role you find yourself in.

If you have a job, or occupation that you have been in for an extended period of time, you will find that the role starts to fit you in much the same manner as a good ol pair of shoes. It just starts to fit all your imperfections and behaviour patterns quite well. When someone else walks in and assumes that position, they will undoubtedly exclaim, what the heck is going on here? What was this person doing? This is ridiculous. Same reaction as that old pair of shoes.

If someone jumped into my life and became the father of my children suddenly, that person would have a similar reaction. He lets his kids do what? Why is he doing that? What they heck was this for? This analogy probably extends to any role you play in life. The role, over time, fits the person.

This is important to note if you ever have to assume a role. Do not assume everything is bad because it is uncomfortable to you. Also, if things in your role are too comfortable you may ask yourself, “Are the shoes that I am wearing a complete mess and time for some new ones?”

Guy Reams

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