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Decision Paralysis

We often get paralyzed because we have to make a tough decision. Some decisions are easy, there is a clear distinction between good and bad outcome. However, most decisions of consequence do not have a clear outcome and are often confusing, gray, and uncertain. This leads to an unwillingness to make a decision because of the fear of making the wrong one. My best advice is this. Set aside a specific amount of time to allow your self to study the decision and then just make the decision and go with it. Making hasty decisions is bad, but making fast informed decisions is good. Unwillingness to make a decision because of fear is always bad. In fact, the hesitancy to do anything usually produces a worst outcome than the result of a bad decision.

If you have any degree of faith in God, or at least a belief in fate or destiny then you can accept the fact that even bad decisions can lead to the ultimate outcome. So on that principle, you can make a decision knowing that even bad ones can produce the ultimate fate on which you are destined. Things will work out, eventually.

If you keep your eye on the long term goal, you will realize that there are multiple paths to your destination. As long as you pick one that is directionally accurate it does not matter how you get there. Sure we should celebrate the journey, but the end in mind is also important. By keeping an eye on the mountain peak in the distance you can guide yourself to make directionally correct choices along the way.

If you want to be successful, then you must realize that failure is part of that path. You cannot avoid all failure. You can and will fail, repeatedly. This is part of the journey and you cannot avoid it. So fear of failure is just plain the wrong attitude to have when making decisions.

The most important consideration is forward progress. By not picking a path and going forward, you are not going anywhere. It is better to be on a slightly deviant path aimed in the general direction of your goal, than to be doing nothing at all.

Guy Reams

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