The 365 Commitment

Are you growing?

In my grandmother’s house there is a door jam in the bathroom where the family that had lived there years ago (prior to the 1960’s) had etched the name of the child and their height in increments as they grew older. It think this is a tradition in many family homes. I do not think we ever did that, and I am not doing it now. I know it seemed like over night my 4′ son, suddenly became 6’5″.

Thinking about that this morning, I was pondering what milestones would I etch into my closet door jam? I certainly cannot do my height, and I really do not want to do my weight, or my waist size!

I am thinking about major accomplishments. Graduated HS, Graduated College, Graduate Degree, Married, 1st Child, 2nd Child, 3rd Child, Hired as Tenured Professor, First Major Corporate Job, Completed the First Year of the 365 Commitment, Ran a Marathon, etc.. I visualized scratching those into the door jam and I got to about halfway up the door, and it dawned on me. I have half the door jam left.

What the hell am I going to put in that rest of that space?

Guy Reams

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