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Why Badges

Everywhere I look these days I see ways for me to get a badge for some accomplishment. My phone, computer, check out lane at the grocery store, my peloton, every where I look people are giving out badges for accomplishing things. I bought my kids some ice cream and the person at the cash register asked if I had my badge app code. My what? Yes, there are companies now creating apps for tracking all your badge progress across multiple platforms. I have always scoffed at these gimics, and for the most part still do. I mean who in their right mind would actually fill out the Albertsons Monopoly game with the stickers they win by gaining shopping rewards?

Well, the thing is, they work. This is not just bait candy for self absorbed generational kids. There is real science behind gaining quick wins, with recognitions being gained along the progress toward some idealistic target. The dopamine hit is real, happens to be rather addicting, and you can really indeed “get into” it. Take, fantasy football for example. I mean that is a ridiculous thing as well, but look at the rewards that people gain during the football season. Almost anyone can adopt it and will by simply tracking their progress along the way. Amazing how it works. The human brain is really built around this short term reward thing.

You can literally take something impossible, tell people they can achieve it by following this game or program, give them little badges or rewards along the way and track their progress and you will be able to gain quite the following in a short period of time. Any system that follows this type of pattern gains followers. Yes there are people that actually track the Coke bottle reward game. In fact it is probably a cult following at this point. Create anything like this and you will be amazed at how quickly become addicted. I mean facebook was about the lamest application in the world when it first came out, remember?

I have been thinking a lot about how to trick myself with my own reward badge system. Instead of letting others manipulate me, I can craft or even pick my own. The new fitness apps are exploding right now for exactly this reason. The human brain is incredible, yet quite simple when you really think about to get it to do what you want!

Guy Reams

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2 years ago

Lots of rewards/badges in kinderland! It’s definitely motivational for the unmotivated peeps! I need a badge for every time I hear “ms. Kiley?!” Just to keep me from screaming “yes!!?????? For the 1,000,000th time that day. Lol we go back this Monday, guy. In class. I will miss the controlled atmosphere of the computer screen. If I get annoyed, I simply can pretend there’s a computer issue and abort! Hehehehe
Love ya.

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