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So book clubs are an interesting thought. My wife used to belong to one, I loved to listen to the storied when she would come back. 50% about the book, 50% about the lives of the people that were in the club. One of the problems with interpersonal communication is the inability for people to engage in meaningful conversation. It is like they need some kindling for the fire, so to speak. Book clubs are a great way for that to happen. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would throw “tupperware” parties. I am not sure if anyone every sold any tupperware, but they sure would have a lot of fun talking and carrying on while some pour soul tried to demonstrate how to peel an orange using the new tupperware orange peeler device.

Many of us struggle in having conversations with our children, spouses, family, friends and even colleagues because we do not have a comfortable way to engage in real conversation. We are fearful of how someone will react to disclosure. As a consequence we are guarded about what we say and how we respond. When we have a topic at hand, a spark to a conversation, we can start to free flow our thoughts. This is how relationships get built, lasting ones.

I am thinking about this a lot lately. How can I manufacture reasons to talk with my colleagues, my team, my family? I cannot ignore how important conversation is. I need to think about how to do this effectively.

Guy Reams

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