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When You Complain

When you decide to complain about something, then I have a interesting idea to consider. What is the purpose of complaining? Is it just to vent? Is it to express your frustration? Or, perhaps, maybe it is because you actually want to solve the problem!? If the later is your objective, then consider this. When lodging a complaint, you may want to position your complaint in such a way that the person you are complaining to can provide a workable solution. You may want to even consider a solution to right along with your complaint! Now that would be novel!

Also, consider the person you are complaining to. Make sure that they actually have the power to do something about your complaint. If they cannot do anything about it, then it destroys the relationship pretty quickly. No one likes to receive a complaint and not be able to provide a solution or at least a bit of friendly and helpful advice. So lodge the complaint with an angle toward an area that the person you are complaining can actually do something about it!

This actually works in amazing ways. Give it a shot, file a complaint with someone but give them an easy win solution long with it. See what happens.

Guy Reams

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