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Super Navy Seal Burpees with Jacks

So if you have followed this you know that about 4 weeks ago I started doing a morning calisthenics program every morning at 4:30am. Ok, so admittedly, I have started a little late on some days but for the most part I have at least got up at 4:30am. The routine I am following has a bunch of body weight exercises, and Pilates style movements. I am constantly sore, but I am starting to feel some improvement. I move around better, feel less tired from a day of sitting. I also seem to be eating better, go figure. Anyway, one I first started there was this one move that was a Super Burpee. Effectively, squat, hands down, legs out, pushup, mountain climbers, jack knife legs out, pushup, then jump up – repeat. When I started I could not even finish one. Embarrassing. Here I run all the time and yet I am completely out of shape. I am an out of shape runner!

Well, I am proud to say that I did 4 in 30 seconds today. I was pretty excited, that was until I did the next exercise and almost cracked my skull on the concrete. Nothing like being humbled quickly after a success. Anyway, the point of this blog is to point out that even the most hated, evil, vile things like Super Navy Seal Burpees with Pushups and Jacks can be defeated with good ol fashioned dogged determination.

Guy Reams

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