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Boat Mind

Yesterday was gorgeous here in San Diego area. So I decided to head out to the boat today. Of course it is windy and raining today. Isn’t that how it works? Well, the adage goes, the worst day on a boat is better then a sunny day stuck at home. Well, I think I just made that up.

Before I came to the boat I was in a state of mind, and one that was not that good. Now that I am on the boat, I feel better. More relaxed and less stressed about things going on in my home and my office, which is the same place right now.

What is interesting is that environment definitely impacts mindset. In fact, it seems that environment proceeds mindset. You walk into the office, everything is organized, clean and ready for you to get going. That would produce an excited yet calm mindset. This is opposed to the cluttered office, stacks of paper, a mound of debris from yesterday’s lunch, and scribbled and haphazard notes. This produces discouragement and a more chaotic reactionary mindset.

The point is rather simple. If you need to or want to change your mindset then you must first change your environment. How many of us wait around for our mindset to change before we will go do something. I just do not feel like it, you say. However, you will never feel like until you change your mind.

Guy Reams

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