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The Sparrow

Slowly over the last year and a half we have had a family of birds move into our back yard. I can tell that it is the same birds, because I recognize their singing. Sometimes it is a melodic, peaceful tune and other times it is a warning sound that seems like they are playing an old arcade game or something. I finally decided to take a closer look at the male and female bird that is the dominant couple out back. I figured out the species.

The sparrow.

Now I had no idea how cool the sparrow was. They are one of the only bird species (other then the blasted crows that fly all around here) that have completely adopted themselves to feeding off of human civilization. That is a interesting feature, as they probably could not survive in a desert climate like mine. They would not have enough food, but because they live off humans, they have plenty of food and lots of options for vegetation, water, and even some free hand outs in the case of bird feeders.

I also did not know all the symbolism surrounding the sparrow. I mean I can take my pick. Cultures from all over the world have chosen a whole myriad of meanings regarding a sparrow coming into your life. This small little bird, that despite how tiny it is, can do wonders. This sparrow family coming into my life can symbolize power, creativity, simplicity, a sense of social belonging and even empowerment to take care of unfinished business. These are hardworking little scrappy birds that are never idle. They probably will only live 5 to 10 years but they will wear themselves out building and protecting their family.

They care for their family, they are persistent in this regard. They are the ultimate symbol of hardworking vigilance. Maybe this is a sign that I am becoming an older man now that I actually enjoy sitting in my backyard and watch the birds and learn they behaviors. If there is anything that I have learned from Mr and Mrs Sparrow, is that if I want to be happy in my life then I need to work hard and not be idle. Mr. Sparrow likes to show off and it seems that a few months of the year he is in charge of things. However, most of the time it is Mrs. Sparrow that calls everyone in, wakes everyone up and for the most part runs the show.

However, occasionally that gang of mean crows will come sneaking in trying to make a meal out of the 5 – 6 sparrow eggs and when that happens, Mr. Sparrow shows his meddle in earnest. The gang leader of the crows is not too keen on having this little deadly fighter that can fly 30mph darting in and around him with a deadly little beak. The crows usually move on quickly to find some easier prey.

Mr. Sparrow has help now. I have noticed his family has grown and there are several more sparrows now hanging around. They seem to have some responsibilities, but I cannot tell what. Perhaps one of them is scavenging for food sources, as I see him leaving on extended trips and coming back after a while. This community of sparrows are now finding a way to work together as they build their own little sparrow world in my backyard.

The final thing I will note is the fact that they sing all day long. Their songs change depending on what is going on, but for the most part they seem joyful and happy as they go about their day.

Today was sad, one of our dogs finally caught one. He had been trying for a long time and I think one of the youngsters must have been caught unawares or perhaps was injured in some way. However, our little dog finally got himself a bird. I do not remember this little one being born, but it must have been recently. Such is the life of a sparrow.

Guy Reams

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