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Scene from Avatar

So I was running, really early AM, probably 4am. Up a long hill climb. As I ascended I started to notice that the rain droplets from the previous evening were still coalesced on the leaves of the bushes and shrub oak. In the reflection of my super bright neon head lamp this created a illuminances that provided an explosion of bright white, opaque blue and bright green. Leaves surrounding me and the ones on the ground created this kaleidoscope of lights, reminding me of Christmas lights.

Perhaps the leaves produce this effect to attract dear to feed on them, as they do this primarily at night? I had just had that thought when I saw Mani the Deer again staring right at me, and this time her eyes reflected my headlamp. Bright orbs of green hovering in the middle of these bright white lights. She moved up the hillside and as she did so, there were hundreds of little moths that came flying out of this tree, and slowly descended on me. They also had a reflective glow and so pretty soon I was caught in this whirlwind of descended, fluttering, and glowing moths. As the I saw the deer’s tail disappear into the shrub, I thought, I should just connect myself to her like they did in Avatar and ride off into the Alien landscape!

So for a moment, just a moment, I was transported into Cameron’s acid trip alien world, then I ran on. BTW, Bobcat’s do exist.

Guy Reams

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