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Endeering Encounter

I finally got to the crest, after a few hours of running. The sun was just breaking the distant mountains and casting long rays across the pine trees and the silhouette of the ski lift resembled the entrance to an old ore mine shaft. I scrambled down the other side of the mountain, and started zig zagging down a well groomed ski path. I found a trail heading down to the southwest and I started to pick up speed as I could now see the ground. A light dew had settled on the brush that tickled my legs as I ran past, hoping and leaping through light rocks and other debris.

Then I stopped. On a steep part of the trail, heading straight up toward me stood Mena. If you do not know the reference, then you need to brush up on your Disney lore. She had these wide deep brown eyes and she stood as still as a statue. I might have mistaken her for one, until she slightly cocked her head to look at me with a curious expression. I returned the gesture. I could tell we were both thinking the same exact thought – is he/she going to hurt me?

By mutual agreement we both decided the other probably did not have any cruel intent, but still very wary stood still looking into each other’s eyes for a few moments. I could feel across the front  of my shirt that her breathing had calmed. Almost in unison, we slowly walked around each other on the narrow trail. Mena, and her four legs slowly skirting the outside of the trail, me on my two legs skirting the inside. We kept our gaze locked as we slowly passed each other, careful not to touch.

Then as if a gun was shot off at a track meet, we both jumped to action. She bounded up the trail and I down. Two creatures out for a morning run, sharing the trail together in harmony.

Guy Reams

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